1) Aria "La Vittoria Segue"
from Opera "Ifigenia in Aulide"
by Antonio Caldara

2) Modern-Day Premiere Aria
"Tecum Principium"
from Oratorio "Dixit Dominus"
by Antonio Caldara
The vocal arias with trumpet which are included here were
most likely written for castrato, the prevalent voice in Italy
during this period. Castrati were the "superstars" of the
courts and opera, so therefore composers lavished upon
these now extinct musicians their most expressive and
emotional efforts, focusing on the throes of love and war.
In these arias Polish Mezzo Soprano/Contralto Katy
Sumrow provides the vocal equivalent of this exotic sound
in a convincing and artistic manner.
                 from Review by Frank Hostica
                               Historic Brass Society
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