Mezzo Soprano
She was born in Gdansk, Poland. At an early
age, she received a full music scholarship to
Chopin School of Music. Upon
graduating she signed a contract with the
Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and toured
through Spain and Germany. Ms. Sumrow
performed in the Polish Requiem with
Leonard Bernstein and Liv Ullman at the
Teatr Wielki in Warsaw on International
television. Ms. Sumrow's repertoires as a
Soloist include Baroque, Opera, Jazz,
Spiritual and Broadway. Ms. Sumrow is a
founding member of  THE BAROQUE
recorded a CD "Music of the Italian
01. "Undecima ricercata detta J'Albergotti" - Girolamo Fantini

02. "Mio Tesoro per te moro!" - Alessandro Scarlatti

03. "Tromba d'Ausonia" - Mark Antonio Ziani

04. "La Vittoria Segue" - Antonio Caldara

05. "detta deI Niccolini" - Girolamo Fantini

06. "Se Florindo e' fedele" - Alessandro Scarlatti

07. "a due Tromba detta del Ricasoli" - Girolamo Fantini

08. "Tu Io sai" - Giuseppe Torelli

09. "Rompe Spezza" - Alessandro Scarlatti

10. "Gagliarda a dua Tromba detta del Coppoli" - Girolamo Fantini

11. Sonata: Prima per Trombetta sola e Organo - Giovanni
Bonaventura Viviani

12. - Andante

13. - Allegro

14. - Allegro

15. - Adagio

16. "Con voce festiva" - Alessandro Scarlatti

17. "Si Suoni la Tromba" - Alessandro Scarlatti

18. "Ricercata duodecima detta L'Amerighi" - Girolamo Fantini
The main body of this recording is an exploration of music for
baroque trumpet in varied settings. Included are vocal arias with
trumpet, two sonatas, and instrumental duets (Pairing Civiletti
with no one less than the German baroque trumpet virtuoso
Friedemann Immer), all of which are from the Italian Baroque.

The aria performances are engaging and the trumpet playing a
delight to listen to. The combination had been considered an
especially suitable pairing during this era, as the sound of the
castrato voice was often compared to that of the trumpet. If one
wished to single out any work from among all these polished
efforts, this listener was particularly drawn to the aria, La Vittoria
Segue by Antonio Caldara, from his 1718 opera Ifigenia in
The Historic Brass Society
Frank Hosticka, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra NYC.

           Katy Bio

"...Buccina Cantorum gave a splendid performance for the Montclair
Music Club and Chamber Orchestra...Ms. Sumrow’s rich fine tones,
especially in the high register was extremely outstanding. The
balance between the instrumentalist, and the overall interpretation of
Baroque style was superb."
The Montclair Music Club
Patricia Person, Music Critic Bel Canto Singers of Rhode Island.

"...Buccina Cantorum gave a gripping concert of music spanning
nearly the entire Baroque era. Mr. Civiletti-one of the most
remarkable early music trumpeters in the world today... Polish
mezzo/contralto Ms. Sumrow sang with deep feeling and negotiated
the demanding coloratura of the great ‘Bel Canto’ period with ease...
Ms. Marrs, Harpsichordist... provided a solid and imaginative backing
for the entire performance, as well as an engaging and rhythmically
vital performance of Bach’s Toccata on D major."
Saint Paul’s Concert Series
Edward Green, Professor of Music Manhattan School of Music NYC.

"...an Early Music performance to be remembered. ...Buccina
Cantorum transported the audience back to a period where listening
to music was reserved only for the privileged."

The Stone Tower Concert Series
James Wynne, Director, Dover Presbyterian Church NJ.